About HLR

How HLRsysnet works

  • 1

    Easy Booking

    Approved booking managers are able to place their shifts requirements into HLRsysnet Portal

  • 2

    Filter & Match

    HLRsysnet, in real time, filters through and matches all available candidates with the correct skill set for the shift requirements

  • 3

    Claiming Shifts

    HLRsysnet enables matched candidates with the correct skills sets to claim the shifts at a moment's notice

  • 4

    Open 24 hours

    HLRsysnet allows our clients to book shifts 24 hours a day. No need to wait until the following day or normal working hours to make your request.

  • 5

    View Anytime

    HLRsysnet enables clients to see in real time when the shifts are covered. Login via your desktop, tablet or mobile.

  • 6

    Efficient & Error Proof

    HLRsysnet eliminates unnecessary emails, long-winded phone calls and any chance of miscommunications. Contact team HLR to learn more.